Washington DC Domestic Violence Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Jesse A. Gadson, we represent both women and men — the accused and the abused — in domestic violence proceedings. Domestic violence can occur in all types of relationships including heterosexual relationships, same-sex relationships, and between non-intimate but familial relationships, like between siblings.

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Domestic Violence and Children

If you have been accused of domestic violence and you have children with the other party, you definitely need an attorney. Children make these cases very complex. And domestic abuse has been falsely alleged as leverage in contested custody cases. The presumption of joint custody is removed if domestic violence has occurred. In a civil protection order, the court can make decisions regarding child custody, child support, attorney’s fees, restitution, and who is going to live in the family home. Your relationship with your children will be affected. Protect yourself with a qualified attorney.

You Deserve to Have Quality Legal Representation

We provide every client the personal attention and care that they deserve. We also understand that finances can be a major roadblock to people in getting the legal help they need and because of that, we are always willing to work with our clients on financing plans.

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Domestic violence is a complex area of the law for families. If you have been accused or are being abused, it is important to consult with a lawyer to learn your rights. We offer flexible payment options.

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