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At the Law Offices of Jesse A. Gadson, we understand that disputes over custody of your children are often the most difficult emotionally. We handle these difficult cases with experience and compassion.

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Washington, D.C. is a joint custody jurisdiction. This means that the court starts out with the concept that 50/50 custody is in the child’s best interests. Our courts want parents to share in the important decision-making responsibilities and in the raising of their children. The more involved the parents are in their children’s lives the more likely the courts will award 50/50 custody.

Judges do not want to make custody decisions. If you have to go to court to fight for what is in your child’s best interests, then you have to position yourself as the most reasonable parent. You also have to show the court that you believe the other parent is an important person in the child’s life. It is important to talk to an attorney if are disputing custody. First impressions with the court are very important.

Modification of Custody

The legal standard for child custody changes after the permanent order is in place. It becomes more difficult to modify a custody order. To modify a custody decision, you need to show a substantial and material change of circumstances has occurred and that a change in custody is in the best interests of the child. It is important to have experienced counsel when custody is being established; however, if you need to modify a custody arrangement, our experienced family law attorney can help.

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